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Nessebar – one of the oldest and most picturesque cities in Bulgaria and Europe. It has an amazing combination of historical sights, aroma of the sea and unique nature with glossy modern tourist complexes. Thanks to the amazing abundance of extraordinary and beauty and excellent preservation of historical and cultural attractions, the Old Town of Nessebar is listed as a world cultural – historical heritage under the auspices of UNESCO, together with such cities as Rome, Persepolis, the Taj Mahal, Memphis. Nessebar is often compared to the Croatian Dubrovnik in the originality of architecture and historical value.


The city was founded by the Thracians and then called Mesembria. Most of it was destroyed during the earthquake, but to this day the ruins of ancient walls and towers, aqueducts and temples exist. In the XII-XIV centuries the city has built more than 40 churches – that is impressive, if we imagine the town of modest size and the number of people inhabiting it. However, at that time Nessebar was one of the most important cities in the Bulgarian state.


In the XV-XIX centuries, during the Ottoman yoke, many cultural monuments were destroyed, in return the Turks brought to Nessebar their religion and their architecture. Modern Nessebar is given the romantic image of the “city of the last century” by the houses built during the Bulgarian Renaissance (XVIII-XIX century). Old streets of Nessebar can be memorized by the distinctive shape of these houses – high stone foundations and windows protruding above them with wooden bay. Most of them are now souvenir shops and restaurants.